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>Screening the past, issue 7
>The latest issue of Screening the past is now available at
>This special documentary issue contains a number of articles based on 
>delivered at the Stirling Documentary Conference earlier this year,
>* Theory into practice: Stanley Hawes and the Commonwealth Film Unit, by 
>Bertrand. (Thi article includes a quicktime video clip from "The Queen in
>* A national, historical perspective on documentary in Denmark, by Rasmus
>* Soho Square and Bennett Park: the documentary movement in Britain in the
>1930's, by John Gray.
>* John Grierson and the public relations industry in Britain, by Jacqui
>* P决u R柎a/Paul Rotha and the politics of translation, by Abe 
>* John Grierson in South Africa: Afrikaaner nationalism and the National
>Film Board by Keyan G Tomaselli & Edwin Hees.
>* Between empire and nation: Grierson in Australia, by Deane Williams.
>In the "Classics" section you will find Reports written by John Grierson 
>the governments of Australia and South Africa. and in the reviews section:
>* Felicity Collins reviews Cari Beauchamp, Without lying down. Frances
>Marion and the powerful women of early Hollywood.
>* Blair Davis and Paul Heyer review Michael Anderegg, Orson Welles,
>Shakespeare, and Popular Culture.
>* Helen Grace reviews Mikhail Iampolski, The memory of Tiresias:
>intertextuality and film.
>* John Frow reviews Andrew Horton & Stuart Y.McDougal (editors), Play it
>again, Sam: retakes on remakes.
>* Peter Hughes reviews John Corner, The art of record : a critical
>introduction to documentary, Derek Paget, No other way to tell it:
>dramadoc/docudrama on television and William Rothman, Documentary film
>* Bill Krohn reviews Camille Paglia, The birds and Evan Hunter, Me and
>* Arthur Lindley reviews Robin Wood, Sexual politics and narrative film:
>Hollywood and beyond.
>* Harriet Margolis reviews David Lascelles, 80 turbulent years: the
>Paramount theatre Wellington 1917-1997 and Celluloid dreams: a century of
>film in New Zealand.
>* Michael Paris reviews Tony Barta (editor), Screening the Past: Film and
>the Representation of History
>* Terrie Waddell reviews Linda S. Kauffman, Bad girls and sick boys:
>fantasies in contemporary art and culture.
>* Peter B. White reviews Tom Standage, The Victorian Internet : The
>Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-Line
>The archive section of Screening the past is now fully functional as a
>SEARCHABLE DATABASE. All Current and previous articles are now INDEXED AND
>FULLY SEARCHABLE and the new titles and trailers sections are also indexed
>and fully searchable. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or
>comments on this new development in the journal.
>The usual "Trailers" includes information on forthcoming events, calls
>for papers for conferences and journals, notices and new titles.
>We welcome responses from readers to any of the above.
>Dr Peter Hughes
>Co-editor, Screening the past
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Dear collwagues,

I found this issue under http://chiron.latrobe.edu.au/www/screeningthepast

Bodo Schoenfelder

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