Poor Programming of Film Festivals

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sun Jul 11 14:49:15 EDT 1999

Thought I better just add something having received a "concerned" phone call 
from someone on the list who thought I sounded very "angry".  Hope that was 
her just interpretation of the mailing as I really didn't want to sound like 
an "angry young man".

As I said, some potentially very interesting new festivals are emerging and 
its an exciting time for Asian film exhibition.  Japan Foundation, Kawakita 
Film Institute, National Film Centre of Japan, Korean Film Institute, Korean 
Film Commission, etc, have really fantastic staff who are extremely 
supportive once you've built up trust ... they have as many problems with 
the studios as everyone else.

Regarding, The London Pan-Asian Film Festival.  Well, I really need to spend 
a couple of years working on the CD-ROM of Japanese film if its to be ready 
in time for 2001 and I have another publication I want to put out at the 
beginning of next year: a FULLY bilingual guide to around 1,000 Japanese 
film directors which complements rather than replaces "The Asian Film 
Library Reference to Japanese Film".  And lots of research to conduct on 
Korean film while language study wouldn't go amiss.

I've just found the most fantastic Korean video store in the world - in 
London! - and I'm happily spending a Sunday afternoon working my way through 
some new releases.  Now, if only I could understand Korean...

Stephen Cremin
The Asian Film Library

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