Okinawa at Kawasaki

Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Tue Jul 20 03:03:15 EDT 1999

Just after we had our discussion of Imamura, Okinawa, and domestic 
orientalism, I got a notice that the Kawasaki-shi Shimin Museum is doing 
a retrospective of Japanese films dealing with Okinawa.  The event will 
in fact begin with a screening of _Kamigami no fukaki yokubo_ accompanied 
by a discusssion with Imamura Shohei and others involved in the 
production.  That will take place on Sunday August 1st, with the 
screening at 1:30 and the discussion at 4:40.

The retrospective will then start the next week with a broad range of 
films, from documentaries to fiction works, from rare prewar bunka eiga 
to last year's _Ikinai_.?A highlight will be a discussion between Makino 
Mamoru and Okinawan film scholar Yamazato Masato on the 7th.

For more information, check out the Museum home page:

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