Ring and Odoru

Eija Margit Niskanen eija
Fri Jul 2 11:43:36 EDT 1999

Odoru Daisosasen - the Movie
English subtitled print should be at Pony Canyon 
tel. (03)5521-8024
fax (03) 5521-8122


At 11:36 AM 7/2/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever come across an English subtitled print of "Ring
>saishusho"? This film is only a year or so old and the story has been made
>into a novel, two films, and recently a drama series.  It is a thriller
>about a mysterious video tape and the deaths that follow.
>Along the same lines, what about an English subtitled print of "Odoru
>Daisosasen"?  I believe this film screened in a theater in California a
>few months back, but I'm not sure if it was subtitled or not.
>Any pointers as to where I could find English subtitled prints of these
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
>Kevin Martin
>Center for Japanese Stuides
>University of Michigan

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