Hello! Hajimemashite. Film industry in Kyoto?

Lindsey Ricker lindsey.ricker
Sun Mar 21 03:34:16 EST 1999

	Hello! I'm Lindsey, or "Rinji" in Japanese, not to be confused with the
word for "microwave" ("renji"). :) 

	I'm an East Asian studies and English major at Yale, in the
states. Right now I'm studying in Kyoto, and I will probably stay in Japan
through the summer. 

	I've always been a movie fan (otaku kana?) and I've been
interested in Japan since I started studying Nihongo and came to Japan
with my family when I was 13.

	Still photography is a passion of mine, and I've just started
to venture into cinematography. Any film makers out there? Anyone who
knows about the industry in Kyoto? I am all ears! I have so much more to
learn, and my plans are still very flexible for this summer. 

	My interest in Japanese cinema is pretty new, but among my favs
are slightly surreal flicks like Kurosawa's "Yume/Dreams" and the recent
film "the secret of Ranpo." I also like what I've seen of Ozu's work,
especially his use of 360 degree space and the natural leisurely way his
films unwind. As for contemporary stuff, I recently saw "Cold Fever" which
I also found quirky and interesting. 

	I'm eager to hear what you all are watching and why. And if anyone
knows anything about getting involved in the film industry (through
internships, apprenticeships, part time work, or just seeing how its
done), please pass the word! Whoa, that sounded weird. I mean drop me a
line. I think my English is turning kinda Janglish. I've been here for a

	O-genki de, :) Lindsey	

Mailing address until April 8:
Lindsey c/o
Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies [KCJS]
52-2 Hoshoji-cho, Okazaki
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

phone (right): 81-75-752-7074
fax: (81) 75-752-1158
        Please write!

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