Valerie Dhiver-Sugiura dhiver.sugiura at
Sun Sep 19 19:18:05 EDT 1999

I'm wondering how the project of having a questionnaire form to be filled by
all Kinejapan members (and new members when they subscribe) is moving on.

I have the strong feeling that such questionnaire would improve
communication between each other and encourage people to write more. I have
had discussions with some members of the list that I know, who said they
were intimidated to write and give their opinion, because they felt they
knew less than some of the regular writers. Some people have an academic
background, others work in the film industry or have experienced living in
Japan. Personally, I feel the list is slightly academically orientated which
is good because the level is high. But people who have a different
background might feel hesitant to speak up. Or, their questions are limited
to basic "when can I find what..."

By knowing what everybody does, and everyone's motivations toward Japanese
films and experience, interesting questions could arise.It would also help
new members to feel more comfortable.Ideally, we could have a "Kinejapan
Who's who" to be consulted via a web site.

Below are some suggestions of questions which could be included in the
standard questionnaire. Does anybody else has suggestions ?
- Name
- Address
- Current occupation: your job or field of study
- Motivations for your interest in Japanese films
- Types of Japanese films you are particularly interested in (period, genre,
director, etc...)
- Motivations for subscribing the Kinejapan list
- Living experience in Japan (or travel)
- Level of Japanese (I am not sure about that question that people might
consider as discriminating)
- Interest in films in general (outside Japan)

I look forward to everybody's reactions or comments.

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