Miyazaki, reviews

Mark Schilling schill at gol.com
Mon Sep 27 23:08:07 EDT 1999

OK, folks, by popular demand (I guess), I will begin posting reviews to the
KineJapan site, until someone comes up with a better idea. My own was to
post reviews to the Digital Ramen site, but our web master died in a
traffic accident last summer and the site is currently inactive. 

One other announcement in response to a query on Miyazaki Hayao:
Miramax/Hyperion has just published my translation of "Princess Mononoke --
The Art and Making of Japan's Most Popular Film of All Time" (What a
mouthful!) --  the English-language version of the Studio Ghibli art book
on PM. I also wrote an introduction that critiques the movie and summarizes
Miyazaki's career and the films of Studio Ghibli. They did a beautiful job
with the illustrations -- the book was printed in Tokyo, by the same
printer that does the Japanese-language SG books -- but an unseen editorial
hand revised my translations of Miyazaki's poems for the film, trashing
several of them (and improving several others?). Everything else is mine,
for better or worse.

Mark Schilling (schill at gol.com)

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