Japanese Films In '99

SaltedCat@aol.com SaltedCat
Sun Sep 12 03:44:23 EDT 1999

      Although it's not the end of the year yet, I would be interested in 
hearing opinions from anyone/everyone on what they think are the most 
interesting Japanese films of the year, so far. I'm speaking from a US 
perspective, so the films this year I've liked: "After Life" is a favorite, 
and "Kanzo Sensei" is quite good; are actually '98. Hopefully, chances to see 
"Kikujiro" (which has a western distributor) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa's two 
latest "Charisma" and "Grand Illusion" (with all the Kurosawa retrospectives 
at festivals, someone has to do one in the US...Canada has one in the Toronto 
Film Festival, and Edinburgh had one) will come around soon.
     Two of the most unique Asian films I saw this year were quite old: 
Takeshi Kitano's brilliant and insane "Boiling Point" (10 years old) and a 
cut, but still amazing version of Nagisa Oshima's "Ninja Bugeicho" (from 
      So my question basically is: what Japanese films, old or new, did 
everyone see for the first time this year that they feel are especially 
noteworthy and would recommend? I'm especially interested in opinions of 
anyone in Japan (any thoughts, Aaron or Mark Schilling?) as well as Europe 
and anywhere in Asia.
      Looking forward to responses,

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