Benshi performance

Aaron Gerow gerow
Fri Sep 17 04:05:31 EDT 1999

Sawato Midori gives frequent performances as a benshi to silent films, 
but on September 25th, she'll be doing the benshi for Ozu Yasujiro's 
_Floating Weeds_ ("Ukigusa monogatari," 1934) in a much more intimate 
space, Gallery Maki near Kayabacho.  Those in Tokyo who have never seen a 
benshi performance or who want to see one in a different environment, 
might want to check it out.  Ozu fans are also welcome.

Screening times are at 2 and 7 pm, with admission costing 1500 yen.  
Since the space is small, those interested should call in advance: 

Aaron Gerow

P.S. Felt I should mention this since I wrote one of the essays for the 

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