The Ring

M Arnold ma_iku
Tue Sep 21 21:44:39 EDT 1999

Good morning everyone.

>No need for big stars or expensive effects -- just a good idea and >good 

I felt that the first Ring was able to do this fairly well, and Cure was... 
positively mesmerising.  But the rest of the recent horror/ thriller films 
I've been able to see so far -- Ring 2, Rasen, Joyuurei, Shikoku, Parasite 
(?) Eve, others. -- haven't had as much good story to support the spooky 
gimmicks and special effects, in my opinion.  The good ideas are recycled 
and poorly executed, particularly in the Ring sequels.  What other Japanese 
horror films out there now (or in the past) are also solid *films*?

Mike A

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