Ono Seiko and Aaron Gerow onogerow
Thu Sep 23 09:29:45 EDT 1999

The Athenee Francais Culture Center in Tokyo will be holding a series 
called "J-Fresh" from 9/27 to 10/9 featuring films of some of the more 
exciting new Japanese directors,focusing  especially on directors or 
films which have not had much distribution.  The list includes Sento 
Naomi (_The Weald_), Izuchi Kishu (_Jesus in Nirvana_--one of my "best 
films" for 1998), Shinozaki Makoto (_Jam Session_), Nagasaki Jun'ichi 
(_Dogs_), Koreeda Hirokazu, and pink directors like Takishima Hiroyoshi, 
Yuji Tajiri, and Imaoka Shinji.

Information should be available on the Athenee website:


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