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Thu Sep 23 10:04:24 EDT 1999

>And so I asked (AND STILL DO!) for names of young and promising
>directors of the 90s and titles of their best works. Sources for
>these works would be much appreciated as well.

Since the canonization process is still underway, there's not much 90s 
cinema available on tape with subtitles outside of Japan.  In the States, 
there's Kitano Takeshi (_Hana-Bi_, _Sonatine_, etc.), Koreeda Hirokazu 
(_Maborosi_), Tsukamoto Shinya (_Iron Man_), and Suo Masayuki (_Shall We 
Dance?_), plus films like _Okoge_ and tons of animation (Miyazaki and 
Oshii being the most celebrated).  If you stretch your wings, you can 
find some of the films by Hashimoto Ryosuke (_Like Grains of Sand_), Zeze 
Takahisa, and other pink directors available in the UK, and our Asian 
members have often mentioned Iwai Shinji, Harada Masato, and other 
directors being available in Hong Kong.  German and French members have 
mentioned yet other films.  These are legitimate routes: less legitimate 
ones have more films.

Unfortunately, there are many interesting directors like Kurosawa 
Kiyoshi, Aoyama Shinji, Sento Naomi, Ishikawa Jun, Ishii Takashi, 
Mochizuki Rokuro, Shinozaki Makoto, Sabu, Yaguchi Shinobu, etc. who are 
largely unavailable in tape outside of Japan.

This, of course, is just off the top of my head.  I'm sure others can 
offer more precise recommendations and purchase routes.

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