"Hayao Miyazaki : Master of Japanese Animation" by Helen McCarthy

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At 10:33 PM 09/23/1999 +0900, you wrote:
>These two books apparently have recently been published.  Anyone seen
>them yet?
>"Hayao Miyazaki : Master of Japanese Animation" by Helen McCarthy

>Thanks for the chance to jump in, I am a long time lurker that gathers 
>information (necessary for my job). "Hayao Miyazaki : Master of Japanese 
>Animation" is published by Stone Bridge Press and should be available in 
>stores in North America in a week or two. It is available now from our 
>website, and you can check out more about the book at 

Or if you like I can send you information.

I have been curious as to why there hasn't been much (any?) discussion here 
about Miramax releasing Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke" It is receiving a 
lot of publicity, in fact Miyazaki is in North America (just left Toronto) 
attending Miyazaki film festivals across North America.

Do fans of "film" separate themselves from "anime" completely? Even the 
works of Miyazaki, which most would NOT place into the stereotype of 
"anime"  (in fact Miyazaki was adamant that we not call him the Master of 
Japanese Anime). Just curious.


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