Mononoke hime dub premier

Susan B. Klein sbklein
Sat Sep 25 12:31:18 EDT 1999

Hi Folks --

Someone on the list recently mentioned _Mononoke hime_, so I thought I'd
forward this along. I got it off the DC Comics-Vertigo listserv -- they're
interested in it because the English dialogue was done by Neil Gaiman (BIG
name in graphic novels). Somewhere I have an URL to an interview with
Gaiman about his experience writing the English dialogue -- if I find it
I'll send that along too. 



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Special Event: 
Japanese anime; that strain of Japanese animated film featuring
brilliantly colored, richly textured backgrounds, child-like heroes and
often fantastic, mythical storylines-reached astonishing new heights with
PRINCESS MONONOKE, directed by Japan's leading animator Hayao Miyazaki.  
Mining a treasure chest full of characters and themes from Japanese
folklore, the story begins as Ashitaka, the last young warrior of the
Emishi clan, is forced to kill a monster threatening his village. After
discovering that the beast was actually a forest god, whose death has
brought down a curse upon him, Ashitaka leaves his village to try to
discover who is transforming these gods into monsters-and in the process
upsetting the natural balance which has allowed humans to live in harmony
with both nature and the supernatural.  The English-language version to be
screened was adapted by Neil Gaiman, and features the voices of Billy
Crudup, Minnie Driver, Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton and Jada Pinkett.
135 minutes, Japan; 1997.  A Miramax Films Release.

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