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Sat Sep 25 20:41:43 EDT 1999

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wlt4 at wrote:

> >The interest stirred up by this discussion suggests that some kind of
> >central database independent of IMDB is probably necessary. 
> Though a separate database would have a nice focus to it and give the
owners more control, it's probably easier and would certainly give wider
exposure if the IMDB was used for these reviews.  All that has to be done is
have the reviews available on a Web or FTP site and then link to them from the
film's listing in the IMDB.

Under ideal conditions it would be great to do both. Some
contributors, however, understandably wish to have some control over
their essays, and I respect that. Your idea makes a lot of sense for
my own reviews; but if someone on the linked IMDB and proposed
Japanese Movie Database wants to withdraw or edit their work, they'll
have two levels of bureaucracy to negotiate. I think it has to be left
up to the individual reviewers.


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