Reviews AbeNornes
Mon Sep 27 22:13:41 EDT 1999

Obviously, it there is great desire out there to read more reviews. I'd like 
to remind people that Kinema Club is meant to serve as a "ba" for these kinds 
of desires. In fact, according to our logs, Aaron's reviews are among the 
most requested pages. Many sites are linking directly to reviews when they 
discuss individual films in various contexts. For this reason, Aaron's 
suggestion that putting REVIEW in the title would obviate the need to put 
them online (because we do have the archive available) is probably not the 
best solution in the end. 

We are on the verge of putting the new and improved Kinema Club online. 
Predicting this kind of discussion, I've configured the reviews section in 
such a way that we can easily add new reviews from other people. I have to 
admit I've thought about asking Mark and other people to contribute their 
work to Kinema Club, but have resisted because of the time it would require. 
However, until now I've been doing most of the code "by hand," and just 
recently purchased a software package that can make page creation and 
updating the site pretty painless. 

Aaron has been doing his own pages, and that it ultimately the easiest. 
However, I'm offering my services to anyone who would like to start their own 
reviews section on Kinema Club. (Mark are you listening?)


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