Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Sep 30 21:58:35 EDT 1999

>Just a small suggestion - from the above, it seems that the structure of 
>the page
>will lead the reader to reviews according to their author (Aaron, Mark, 
>Wouldn't it be more meaningful to structurize the review-section by 
>(which would of course raise the issue of which version of title to choose 
>After all, the focus is on films, and not on authors (one hopes).

That option should be available, but there are several reasons the 
sections should be kept separate.  First, by my agreement with the Daily 
Yomiuri to put my reviews on the web, I have to acknowledge them, and 
that is easier if all my reviews are together.  Second, I assume the 
formats will be different: I, for instance, always include cast and 
credits and hypertext links to other reviews (old reviews have links to 
the IMDB).  If Mark, for instance, does not use the same format, users 
may wonder, "Why do some Kinema Club reviews give credits and others do 
not?"  Keeping the sites separate will help explain these differences, as 
well as give each review author the liberty to design his or her site the 
way he or she wants to.

Ideally, we should set up a way for people to search through all the 
reviews.  Perhaps an in-site search engine would be best?


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