Aaron Gerow gerow
Thu Apr 6 05:08:37 EDT 2000

>    Yes, I appreciate the fine intentions, but need this list deal so
>exclusively in commerce? I keep hoping to see some interesting
>discussion of Japanese film qua "film," and all that turns up are box
>office records, top ten listings, Oscaroid filmography and now a
>solicitation for funding. Is this it?

I certainly did not intend to present this as a call for funding.  
Forgive me if this was misleading.  I did, however, introduce it as an 
important example of changing patterns in finance and production in 
contemporary Japanese film, one of the bits of news I tend to post to the 
list occasionally.  Such information, I hope, will help even those who 
are interested in the films qua films (since we have to know a bit about 
where films come from).  The awards information was also intended to let 
people outside Japan know what various sectors of the critical and 
industrial establishments consider the important works, perhaps so that 
they can look out for those films themselves.

But admittedly, I too have been missing some of the lengthy discussions 
of texts and issues that seem to have disappeared from the list in the 
last few months.  I guess I've been a bit too busy to start up or further 
these discussions myself, so part of the fault lies in me as list owner.  
But I do want to remind anyone who is also missing such discussions: 
Start one yourself!  Not all attempts will succeed, but it is better than 
just sitting back and lamenting.

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