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Pete Tombs petetombs
Sat Apr 8 03:32:37 EDT 2000

What on earth do you mean by 'strictly speaking the BBFC itself doesn't cut

I know only too well, from having submitted many films to them, that the
BBFC do indeed INSIST on cuts before a certificate is issued. As it is
illegal to release commercially any video in the UK without a BBFC
certificate, I would maintain that it is the BBFC and certainly not the
distributor in these cases who are making the cuts.

Pete Tombs

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> >What would be cut out of this? As restrictive as they are, I can't >see
the BBFC cutting out anything that Eirin had left in.
> According to the BBFC, 13 seconds were cut from the film as submitted to
them.  It's apparently common for the distributors to make cuts *before* the
initial submission so there might be even more missing.  And >
> LT

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