Nichigeki Theatre, Yokohama

Jeffrey Isaacs jdi1
Sun Apr 23 20:28:14 EDT 2000

It is indeed still standing and the office is still there next to the
projection booth. I live about a 5 minute walk from the place. The
Nichigeki and the Jack and Betty, its companion theaters across the street,
are owned by the same person. The theaters feature some interesting
programming from time to time - Jack is showing a "Sayonara Shochiku Ofuna"
series at the moment.

There are two more films in the series also directed by Hayashi and staring
Nagase called, _Harukana jidai no kaidan o_ (1994), and _Wana The Trap_

Jeff Isaacs

At 06:39 AM 4/22/00 PDT, you wrote:
>I just saw Hayashi Kaizo's "The Worst Time of My Life" (1993) starring 
>Nagase Masatoshi as "Maiku Hama," the private detective. His office is in 
>the projection booth of Yokohama's Nichigeki Theatre.
>My question is, Is that theatre still standing? Is it still operating?
>Frako Loden
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