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Peter M Grilli pmg14
Sat Apr 29 05:59:46 EDT 2000

To David Hopkins,
I'm not so much into Japanese movie pop-music, though some of the Misora
Hibari music is great nostalgia-stuff! 
But every score that Takemitsu Toru did for his 93+ films is worth
listening to.  And so is a good deal of music by the late Sato Masaru (eg,
his score for "Yojimbo")  It's really sad that we now have to refer to
both of these great movie-music composers as "the late...."  Their genius
for understanding movie-sound and movie-music, and the superb music they
provided  (even to B- and C- movies) deserve greater attention throughout
the world.

 Peter Grilli

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, David Hopkins wrote:

> Gee, I thought I would start a fun little thread by asking for movie music 
> favorites and no one replies! It seems like at least half of the pop music 
> records from the 1930's that I have are from some movie. Usually they are 
> totally unknown, unremembered, uncelebrated titles, but some are quite well 
> known.
> Then there are the kouta movies.
> Aizen Katsura, one of the most popular movies of the late thirties (and into 
> the forties, too) has a plot that turns on the success of Tanaka Kinuyo in a 
> song contest.
> Surely many of you know much more than I do about this.....
> David Hopkins

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