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Two more recent Japanese publications that may be of interest to 

1. Those of you interested in recent cinema might be intrigued by the 
recent publication _Lost in America_, a work on recent American film 
composed of a series of discussions between the directors Kurosawa 
Kiyoshi, Aoyama Shinji, and Shiota Akihiko, the novelist Abe Kazushige, 
and the critic Yasui Yutaka, compiled and "remixed" by Inagawa Masato and 
Higuchi Yasuhito.  The nearly 500 page book focuses specifically on 
Spielberg, Cameron, Kubrick, and the problem of "loss" in recent American 
cinema.  Those working on recent Japanese cinema might be intrigued at 
how directors like Kurosawa, Aoyama, and Shiota interpret American film 
and relate it to their own experience.

Title: Lost in America
Authors: Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Aoyama Shinji, Shiota Akihiko, Abe Kazushige, 
Yasui Yutaka
Remixed: Inagawa Masato and Higuchi Yasuhito
Publisher: Digital Hollywood (????????????), 2000
ISBN 4925140191, 3400 yen

2. Pandora has recently put out _Eiga no tenshi_, the text of a dialogue 
between the great cameraman Miyagawa Kazuo and the critic Yodogawa 
Nagaharu that was recorded on film.  Much of the focus is on Miyagawa's 
work for Mizoguchi, but they also include discussions of the Tamura 
(Bando) family and Miyagawa's childhood.  Also included is a Miyagawa 
interview and essays by Ota Yoneo, Takaoka Shigeru, and others who shot 
the film.

Title: Eiga no tenshi
Authors: Miyagawa Kazuo and Yodogawa Nagaharu
Publisher: Pandora (????), 2000
ISBN 4768478107, 1300 yen

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