The most important japanese animation films

Naguib Razak naj
Sun Apr 30 12:26:58 EDT 2000

Dear all Kine-Japaners,

Is anybody out there especially interested in japanese feature films of the
anime kind? I am trying to compile a list of the most important films to
come out of the japanese anime/animation industry, and i hope to programme
some of these titles (especially those that haven't travelled to festivals
as much as, say ... Akira, Ghost in the Shell or Perfect Blue) in an
upcoming film festival in south east asia.
Here's a few titles i feel may be worth contemplating in exploring how far
the animated films of Japan is able to give its live-action cousins a run
for their money ...
Hotaru no Haka/Grave of the Fireflies
Wings of Honneamise
Angel's Egg
Patlabor 2
Princess Mononoke
What do you think? Have i missed anything more worthy? Is there any more
recent releases that i should consider?
Please feel free to reply direct to me [at naj at] if you feel you
prefer to discuss much deeper than you think others on this list may be
interested in.

Mohd Naguib Razak

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