rail & train in japanese cinema

Luc BEAL beal at jterc.or.jp
Thu Jan 6 00:58:22 EST 2000

Hi guys!

can somebody recommend me  academic publication on the role of trains and
railroads in japanese cinema? I am particularly interested by :

- the representation of trains in Anime movies (high tech objects or
nostalgic representation)

- examples of 'detective movies'  in which Train timetables and connexions
between trains play a key role in the solution of the investigation (I
remember reading a novel called "tokyo express', by Guy stanley, on that

Also,  if somebody can suggest me an essay on the theme of trains in cinema
(not only Japan).

thank you very much in advance.


PS : I cannot recall the name of the japanese movie (is it :"the tatooed
woman"?) where a young woman travelsevery month during one year  by long
distance train to have her body tatooed. Does anyone know which movie it
can be?


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