Shikoku Question, second try

Jasper Sharp at
Mon Jan 31 05:54:44 EST 2000

Sorry; I fumbled my keyboard and my last email got despatched midway through
the first sentence. Here it goes properly....

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question regarding the title of the film 'Shikoku' from a
viewer who has very recently started learning Japanese. 
I know that the title is from the 'Shikoku' region of Japan, which literally
translates as 'Four Islands', but the film itself mentions that it also
means 'Kingdom of the Dead'. I was wondering, is this latin alphabet
spelling the same as or in anyway related to 'Jikogu', which I gathered was
the Japanese for 'Hell', or are the phonetical similarities merely

I've had a VCD copy of this film for sometime now, and was surprised to note
that it was the second highest grossing Japanese film in Japan last year, as
I wasn't so impressed. I shall have to give it a second look. 
It is also getting an airing at the Rotterdam Film Festival this week, along
with a host of recent Japanese releases. Dutch fans of Japanese cinema are
going to be pretty much overwhelmed this month, with the 'No Cherry
Blossoms' season running simultaneously at the Festival and in the
Nederlands Film Museum in Amsterdam. Still, it would seem churlish to



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