rail & train in japanese cinema

E Berlin abelard
Sat Jan 8 00:52:15 EST 2000

I don't currently see a mention of Kurosawa's "Dodes'ka-den" in this thread,
although it may have appeared earlier.  Strictly speaking this film perhaps
refers to trolley cars, but they are a form of train after all.  It opens
with a character who believes he *is* a train, or at the very least the
driver of a train.  He makes the sound "Dodes'ka-den" as he moves, which is
Kurosawa's equivalent to "clickety-clack," representing the sound of wheels
rolling on their track...  This notion of a mechanized human becoming a
train is an interesting variation.

E Berlin

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> At 19:58 1/5/0 -1000, Luc BEAL wrote:
> >- examples of 'detective movies'  in which Train timetables and
> >between trains play a key role in the solution of the investigation (I
> >remember reading a novel called "tokyo express', by Guy stanley, on that
> >theme).
> >
> If nobody has mentioned it yet, how about  _Ten to sen_ (Points and lines,
> 1958 To^ei), based on the best-selling novel of the same title by
> Seicho^...

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