KineJun Best 10

Michael Badzik mike
Sat Jan 8 19:46:00 EST 2000

I have been reading with some interest the lists of last year's best in 
Japanese film that Aaron has posting here lately. As I am certain 
that others will be offering opinions on the best film and best director 
categories, I would like to look at a subject that doesn't get discussed 
enough here.

I noticed that a couple of the lists had acting honors for some actors 
whose television work that I have enjoyed - Otake Shinobu and Shiina 
Kippei. But I am not always certain how to look at the lists of those 
critics and publications that I am not a regular reader of, nor do I see 
enough movies to feel that I could say that there aren't many others 
more worthy than they (and why wasn't Muroi Shigeru - an exceptional 
actress - on any list of these lists?) So what I would like to do is ask 
if there is anyone who wants to give their opinion on who does and who 
doesn't belong on the best acting part of these lists.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Badzik
mike at

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