Japanese War Footage from WWII

phil gibbon phil
Sat Jan 15 03:53:22 EST 2000

Michael Dancsok wrote:

> In December of 1998 I visited Saipan where I toured Bonzai Cliff and Suicide
> Cliff. Bonzai Cliff is the location where 1500 Japanese civilians committed
> suicide by jumping into the sea. Suicide Cliff is considered the Last
> Command Post for the Japanese in Saipan and is the location where hundreds
> of Japanese soldiers jumped to their death. According to the tourist guide
> the U.S. Marines were able to film the Bonzai Cliff incident. My guess is
> that if this film exists (and it's a big if) then the Library of Congress
> would have it.

hello all,
I have seen a number of times on Japanese and Canadian television various
documentaries that show frightening footage of the civilian suicides on
Okinawa. This footage would surely be taken from the above film (?), suggesting
that it does indeed exist...

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