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Tom Lin tomlin
Tue Jan 18 00:40:04 EST 2000

Yeah, it's kinda wierd to just pop out and ask a question only to disappear again.

  I'm Tom.  The guy who lives in Taiwan with abundent amount of Japanese bootleg films.  (Because there isn't a copyright code between us and Japan, lucky me)  Anyway, I have seen many Japanese movies this way.  Many of the films you good people have talked about, I've seen through video or our annual Golden Horse Film Fest.  From Danger Runner to Postman Blues, From Violent Cop to Kikujiro.  Not many people here are into Japanese Films but because we here are really into Jap-teen-drama and they bootleg those like hell, they also do some films.  These are extremely cheap, however, they do not have English subtitles.  The price for each movie is 6 to 8 US dollars.  
  I have seen many great films this way, (Mr. McDonald, Perfect Blue, Swallowtail Butterfly)  I have also seen really bad things too, (Paradise Lost, Misty)  But at the price they sell, I buy almost anything.  
  Said so much, still haven't introduced myself:

  My name is Tom and I am a Taiwanese who has lived in the US when I was little.  I'm fluent in both English and Chinese and I was a film major in Taiwan.  I have, I can proudly say, been doing pretty well, with being nominated for the Golden Horse Film Award, and also won a couple of other awards for my shorts.  I'm currently a coast guard, a must for Chinese born males, and I get out this June and I will leave for Grad school.  I'm 24 right now and I'm running out of things to say... hope everyone welcomes me to this list.

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