MOVIE : Ichigensan: Love is blind

August Ragone kaijupro
Tue Jan 25 21:59:48 EST 2000

> From: Aaron Gerow <gerow at> 
> Date: Wed, 26 Jan 00 11:52:35 +0900 
>In a case that may have repercussions on the use of images from films in 
>other publications, the producers of _Ichigensan_ have sued Kodansha, the 
>publishers of Shukan Gendai, for publishing without permission images 
>from the film of Suzuki Honami naked.  They not only charge violation of 
>copyright, but also that the film's public image has been damaged.  They 
>are asking 100 million yen in damages.

Great. Now Japan is catching up to the stupidity and pettiness of the US
film industry. Is nothing sacred?

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