Asian Film Library Bulletin No.1

Kang Taewoong twkang
Mon Jan 31 03:31:11 EST 2000

Thanks for sending Asian Film Library Bulletin. It is very useful.

By the way, in the contents of the newsletter

>Director: IM Kwon-taek; producer: LEE Tae-won; script: KIM Myung-gon; cast: 
>LEE Hyo-jeong (Sung Chunhyang), CHO Seung-woo (Lee Mongryong), LEE Jung-hun 
>(Byun Hakdo).  Domestic release: 29/1/2000.  Festivals: None.
>Sales: CJ Entertainment (markyoon at
>Story: Korea, _Shilla Dynasty_.  A local governor's son, Mongryong, falls 
>in love at first sight with Chunhyang, the daughter of a lowly "kisaeng".  
>Mongryong pledges his eternal love and marries her.  When his father is 
>transfered to the capital he has to follow to complete the state exams, 
>leaving Chunhyang behind.  Byun Hakdo, the new governor, arrives who has 
>heard of Chunhyang's beauty and orders her as his mistress.  When she 
>refuses, she is beaten and thrown into prison to await her death.  Her only 
>hope is if Mongryong can pass the state exams and return as the king's 
>emissary to weed out corruption...

The period of the _Chunhyang_ is not Shilla Dyanasty but Chosun aka Lee 
Dynasty. For its love that overcame the class (Yangban and Giseng), this 
story had been loved by the grass roots from Lee dynasty.
_Chunhyang_is one of the most popular themes for movies ever made in Korea. 
It could be compared with _Chunsingura_in Japanese Cinema for having many 

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