Asian Film Library Bulletin No.1/Chunhyang

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Mon Jan 31 08:37:38 EST 2000

Sorry, we shouldn't really be discussing Korean folk tales on this mailing 

The English press book given out at last week's English-subbed screening of 
CHUNHYANG states that its set in Shilla.  Now this could be a mistake in the 
press book or it could be that they've decided to change the setting of the 
tale to the Shilla period.  I don't recall if a date flashed on the screen.

Sorry, I'm not an expert on historical Korean dress codes to discern the 
period from visual references, but I do take the point that different 
readings, including political ones, can be infer(r)ed from the setting.  
(The vice of corruption versus the great virtue of Korean stubborness and 
all that.)

Stephen Cremin
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