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sorry, yes I should have stuck the URL in really shouldn't I?

Although they list shipping charges you should find that shipping will in
fact be free if you buy 3 or more items -  they were running a free shipping
offer until recently but although that is supposed to be over they don't
seem to have updated their site yet - my last purchase from them was last
week and I didn't get charged postage (that's to the U.K.). They're not the
best at listing subtitle information, but this info can usually be found at
other commercial sites or, if looking at dvd's, there's the incredibly
useful site at
which list info on Japanese, Korean (and Hong Kong!) films currently
available on dvd. (which perhaps might be useful to Mr Ritchie too Mark?)

There's also a lot of info on on-line retailers to be found in the
alt.asian-movies newsgroup (as long as you don't mind wading through the
petty personal attacks which seem to be endemic there that is).


> Try:
> For the record, it's now US$3.99 which might even include
> shipping to Canada
> via DHL.
> Stephen C.
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> Where was it you purchased it?
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> you can get cure on video CD from oneasia for 4 1/2 dollars. I just got a
> copy myself. they have a few other good Japanese titles worth checking out
> e.g. Tokyo Eyes on dvd for a mere 5 dollars. Steer clear of the US vcd
> retailers who charge around 4 times as much for the same item. Quality is
> pretty good. Hope that is of help.
> graham

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