IKIJIGOKU and LOVE/JUICE ... Tajiri version

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Tue Jun 6 06:50:56 EDT 2000

I was also confused by this if you're talking about the 9th Nichi-Pro Award
(Nihon Eiga Professional Award) who put Tajiri Yuji's OL NO AIJIRU/LOVE
JUICE at number seven.  But it's a different film completely.  Tajiri Yuji's
title, which was released on 26th February 1999, is actually written OL NO
AIJIRU in Japanese but pronounced OL NO LOVE JUICE (as in "OL no rabu
juusu").  It's a Kokuei production running just under an hour starring
Kubota Atsumi ... and being a pink film probably had a different title on
its video release.

Stephen Cremin

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