Tatsumi Kumashiro

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Fri Jun 9 09:06:51 EDT 2000

> Writing an article on Kumashiro I'm in need of some information/confirmation

> - When Kumashiro join the Nikkatsu company in 55 he start working as
> assistant director with director such as Kurahara, Kenjro Morinaga... Could
> someone tell me some of the titles he worked on ?

His first film as chief assistant director for Nikkatsu was 'Edo issun no
mushi' by Takizawa Eisuke (1955). After that he worked as assistant director
for Saito Buichi (Roku de nashi kagyo, Shiroganejo no taiketsu), Kurahara
Koreyoshi (Nani ka omoshiroi koto nai ka, Shitsuen) and Morinaga Kenjiro (),
Before joining Nikkatsu in 1955, Kumashiro was working for two years as
assistent director for the Shochiku Kyoto Studios with director Uchide
> - I read on the All Movie Guide on the Net (www.allmovie.com) that in its
> younger age, Kumashiro was very rebellious toward japanese tradition
> (family, system...). Any info on this ?

Who of the young assistant directors was not at the time?

> Also is there an interview of this director somewhere on the net (or would
> someone be kind enough to forward me a copy of one that was printed at the
> time) ?

The magazine Eiga Geijutsu dedicated a special number to Kumashiro (Nr. 376,
Summer 1995) after he passed away. It doesn't feature interviews with
Kumashiro himself, but many recollections of former colleagues, including
Kurahara. In also has a detailed nenpu and lists all TV-films as well as
commercials Kumashiro directed.

Roland Domenig
Institute for Japanese Studies
Vienna University 

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