Long Vacation 2

Stephen Cremin asianfilmlibrary
Sun Jun 11 07:25:11 EDT 2000

This could just be gossip ... or a case of Chinese whispers, literally ...
but I read on another mailing list that HK newspaper The Apple Daily are
reporting that the Japanese magazine An-An has written that Fuji TV are
preparing LONG VACATION 2 to air in 2001.  Phew!  Kitagawa Eriko has
allegedly already started the script which will bring back Yamaguchi Tomoko
and Kimura Takuya as Minami and Sena respectively.  Piece also claims that
Kaneshiro Takeshi may replace Takenouch Yutaka in the role of Shinji and
that Fujiwara Norika and Takizawa Hideaki may join the cast as guest stars.
The original series was broadcast between April and June 1996 on Fuji TV and
was ... shall we say ... more than slightly influential.

Stephen Cremin

Apple Daily Link (Chinese language):

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