Zatoichi soundtrack

philippe pchristi
Tue Jun 13 15:21:19 EDT 2000


Normally, we can find the soundtrack of ZatoIchi already on cd in Japan.
It's a compilation of soundtracks from the actor Tomisaburo Wakayama, and
the booklet is very interesting...
I bought it last year in Japan with a compilation of Shintaro Katsu's movie
soundtrack (double cd)
But when I can have back this CD from a friend, I can give you the

All the best,


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>Thank you to you three for your answer ! I wasn't aware that was Ifukube's
>work on the Zatoichi movies.
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>>Ifukube Akira, most famous for composing the music to Godzilla, is one of
>>the most respected film composers in Japan.  He was born in Kushiro,
>>Hokkaido, in 1914, and some argue his contacts with Ainu music left a
>>lasting impression on his work.  While at Hokkaido University, he formed
>>with Hayasaka Fumio (composer for many of Kurosawa's films) the "Shin
>>ongaku renmei" and began composing music, winning both domestic and
>>international awards in the late 1930s, even though his first job was in
>>the forestry bureau.  It was Hayasaka who invited him to come to Tokyo
>>and compose for the cinema.  While starting to teach at the Tokyo Ongaku
>>Gakko (his pupils included Mayuzimi Toshiro and Akutagawa Hiroshi (son of
>>the famous novelist)), he wrote his first film score in 1947.  Other than
>>Godzilla and Zatoichi, he composed scores for over 200 films, including
>>Harp of Burma, Quite Duel, many of Yoshimura Kozaburo's films, many of
>>the Toho SF movies, etc.  He became a professor at the Tokyo Music
>>University in 1974 and from 1976 served for 11 years as president.  He is
>>currently (I believe) head of that university's Center for Ethnic Music.
>>He has won dozens of awards.  There are dozens of CDs of his work for
>>film and not for film and a number of books (that Roland mentioned).
>>One notable web site on him in Japanese is:
>>On a personal note, given my youth of watching Godzilla films on Saturday
>>afternoons, Ifukube's music is still very close to my heart.
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