Flieger lecture

Aaron Gerow gerow
Wed Jun 28 21:59:09 EDT 2000

This small event will be taking place at YNU next week.  Interested 
people should contact me or Prof. Muroi.

A Special Lecture!

The Age of Paranoia or the Global Village?
Panic Culture in the New World Order

by Prof. Jerry A. Flieger (Rutgers University)

Date/Time: July 5th / 16:10-18:10
At Room 302 (Conference Room) / International Student Center / Yokohama 
National University

Jerry A. Flieger is a professor of French, Comparative Literature, and 
Cultural Studies at Rutgers University (USA) specializing in 
psychoanalysis, cultural studies, gender studies, and poststructuralist 
continental theory, especially theorists who deal with the philosophical, 
psychological, and aesthetic aspects of the emerging global culture in 
the new century.  Right now, she is writing on Slavoj Zizek, Gilles 
Deleuze, Paul Virilio, Jean Baudrillard, Donna Haraway, Avital Ronell, 
Sherry Turkle, J-F. Lyotard, and Jacques Lacan.

The lecture will be presented in English without Japanese translation.

Contact person: Hisashi MUROI (045-339-3457, hmuroi at edhs.ynu.ac.jp)

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