Gemini on DVD

Graham Steward gpsteward
Thu Jun 29 06:48:13 EDT 2000

Gemini is available online at:

This is the limited info they've got about it.

DVD、 2000.05.12 
[商品情報へ]  ¥3990

I've no ideas what their ordering system's like or even if they send goods 
abroad, but at least they have what you're looking for.  (Oneasia
doesn't appear to have it yet, mind you, they don't even have Tokyo Fist).

Graham Steward

>>I hear a rumour that Shinya Tsukamoto's 'Gemini' is out on DVD in Japan.
>>Does anyone know a) if it has English subtitles and b) Where can I get a
>Gemini is out in Japan,
>It does have English subtitles.
>Outside of Japan I'm not sure where you could buy it.
>Andy (still listening even if I don't write very much...)
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