English-subbed films

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A follow-up to Dennis Doros' reply back on Feb. 14th.:

I agree entirely that it would be pointless to include any Japanese-language
laserdiscs. In fact the last time I searched the Ken Crane's website there
weren't any listed.
I would strongly caution, however, against using the Facets website as a
sole source without first checking their titles against Amazon.com. Facets
has a bad habit of (1) not listing their sources, and (2) buying from
purveyors of extremely poor quality tapes like Foothills video and New York
Video Annex. Amazon.com can give you the source. Many of the video companies
that have Japanese films , like New Yorker, don't have online catalogues.
For that matter, neither does Movies Unlimited (which also doesn't list the
source in their print catalog, which is one reason I don't buy from them
Another thing to include is Japanese titles that are forthcoming on both VHS
and DVD.
I would be quite willing to proof the video list since I deal with video
orders and sources constantly. Let me know if I can help.

Randolph Man
College of Santa Fe
Moving Image Arts Dept.
ranman at csf.edu
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> In a message dated 2/14/00 9:47:29 PM, schill at gol.com writes:
> << Donald Richie has a query that he asked me post -- for his new book on
> Japanese film he wants to include a list of all English-subtitled Japanese
> films available on VHS, laser disk and DVD. Is such a list out there? I
> know the chances of one existing are slim. Any ideas for how I can help
> put one together?
> Thanks,
> Mark Schilling (schill at gol.com) >>
> Dear Mark,
> For the US, the best starting spot would be Facets Video in Chicago (they
> have a website). They basically list everything in print in all these
> (though laserdisc is fairly dead, now a "used" collectors market, and
> be ignored for space and practical reasons) and do separate it by country.
> The only other distributor of such comprehensiveness would be Movies
> Unlimited. I would suspect both would be more than willing to help in
> supplying info if asked.
> Beyond that, once Donald compiles the list and would like someone to proof
> the American availability, I'd be glad to give it a shot. (I try to keep
> with what our competitors/friends are up to.)
> Dennis

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