Taki no shiraito

Sybil Thornton sybil.thornton
Sat Mar 4 21:32:14 EST 2000

The only thing I can recommend is to contact the Kawakita Memorial Film
Institute (fax:  81-3-3265-3276).  Another very long shot is the Pacific Film

Stephanie Deboer wrote:

> Greetings!  Anyone's advice on the following inquirey would be greatly
> appreciated.
> I would dearly (desperately?) love to view Mizoguchi Kenji's 1933 *Taki no
> Shiraito* (trans. as *Cascading White Threads* or *The Water Magician*).
> I recall someone on the list mentioning this film about a year ago
> (maybe in connection to what seemed to be an interesting project on early
> 20th century images of smoking in Japan?), and I understand that this
> video was available in the United States at some point.  I've exhausted my
> (limited)  knowledge of North American resources.  I've also contacted
> Matsuda Film Productions and cdjapan, who have told me that the video is
> now out of print in Japan.
> Would anyone have any ideas as to how I could get my hands on a copy of
> this video?  Or is there any place from where I could rent a video copy or
> film print (this may be shown to a class, so price *may* not be an issue)?
> With or without subtitles would both be fine.
> Or--to broaden the inquirey-- would anyone have any information on
> locating any early films featuring the actress Irie Takako or produced by
> her *Irie-puro*?  I realize that most of these might not be available
> anymore.
> Oh, and as you can see by my address, I'm (unfortunately!) limited at this
> point to my U.S. "base."
> Many thanks in advance for any advice.
> Stephanie DeBoer

S.A. Thornton
History, ASU

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