Mononoke aftermath

Eija Margit Niskanen eija
Wed Mar 8 20:39:56 EST 2000

>> I'm not sure about Batman, but after seeing The Corruptor (not
>> half as bad
>> as you might expect), Chow Yun-Fat is definitely my candidate for
>> the next
>> James Bond.  He oozes 007, especially compared to the weak
>> trickle that is
>> Pierce Brosnan.  They've had a Scotsman, and an Irishman play him
>> so far, so
>> why not give the former colonies a turn?
>I've recently read (in The Essential Guide To Hong Kong Movies) that Jimmy
>Wang Yu of all people effectively played James Bond in a Shaw
>Brothers/Nikkatsu co-production called Asiapol back in the 1960's. While the
>idea of Chow as Bond has a certain appeal, I can think of few actors less
>suited to the role than Wang Yu. It sounds fascinating, anyone seen it?
Come to think action movies, the Korean hit Shuri is certainly an
interesting case: will South Korea be the next East Asian action movie
producer, after HK has kind of gone down (or has it?). Shuri is certainly
kind of like a 007 in a Korean way, and it is really well made and exciting. 


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