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Fri Mar 10 21:33:50 EST 2000

Dear Aaron Gerow,

I read your mail on the KineJapan mailing list about the study group you are 
organizing and would be very interested in participating.

To give you an idea of who I am: I studied Japanology and Film Studies in 
Berlin and wrote my master thesis about Yamamoto Kajiro's _Hawai, Mare oki 
kaisen_ . Since October last year (and at least until March 2001), I am at 
Rikkyo University, preparing a dissertation in which I will take Yamamotos 
war time productions as a starting point to explore the genre of Japanese 
aviation movies of the era as well as the connections between the film 
studios and the military and government offices.

I want to admitt though that at least for the time being, while I feel 
confident enough about my Japanese to be able to follow the discussions, you 
might not find me on the side of the active contributors. So if you are 
planning a small scale group without too many of those passive listeners, 
please don't hesitate to tell me so!

I apologize for this late reaction (I have only limited internet access at 
the moment, so I might be late again). I look forward to hearing more about 
the group!

Best regards,

Reglindis Helmer

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Tel. until March 13th: 03 - 3972-3213
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