Gonin / Tadashii Ishii question

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Sat Mar 18 18:39:19 EST 2000

>Another question from me:
>I was just doing a bit of research on the film 'Gonin' and I noticed a
>discepancy amongst my various sources.
>This is: Thomas Weisser states that the director Takashi Ishii is the same
>who gave us 'Nude No Yoru'  and one of the 'Angel Guts' series, where as
>Mark Schilling states that the director who gave us the two 'Gonin' films is
>Tadishi Ishii, a completely different director entirely. Any details on
>either director would be grately appreciated.
>Lurching off on a completely different tangent, does anyone here know
>anything about a film called 'Kofun' aka 'Naked Pursuit' (1968, Toshio
>Okuwaki) ? A friend of mine has it on his collectors list and aside from his
>description that it is 'Hallucinatory, arty, not for everybody' I haven't
>found anything written about it at all.

Keep in mind that Thomas Weisser seems to have watched the film with no
subtitles or scanned through it as he gets a few facts wrong:

"The downfall for the group is a prostitute played by Megumi Yokoyama. She
is the quintessential bitch who has no loyalty for her boyfriend pimp and
sells his ass (and everybody's elses) for a bag of gold."

Hmmmm. Maybe I missed something or rather, maybe he did. "quintessential
bitch" --- that kind of speaks volumes about the type of criticism that
Weisser practices.

While his books are a handy resource for titles (when he gets them right,
i.e.: listing Throne of Blood as "Throne of Fire"), the plot summaries
should be avoided unless you are simply concerned with T and A,bondage and

Sorry, but I get a tad upset about those error-filled books.

Colin Geddes

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