Susumu Hani

Joanne Bernardi jobi
Fri Mar 31 09:41:15 EST 2000

You might already have done this, but you could check through past KJ
messages, Hani was the subject of a thread a while back when a series of
his films, sponsored by the Japan Foundation (and/or Pacific Film Archive)
was making the rounds in the US, and possibly elsewhere. BAD BOYS was one
of them, along with his Children in classroom films, when the series came
to the George Eastman House here in Rochester. The VHS copy of SHE AND HE
that I use is from the New York Film Annex, ISBN 1-55881-516-3, although
this is probably the easiest Hani to find so you may already have it.

Joanne Bernardi
U of Rochester

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000 drainer at wrote:

> Can anyone offer a resource for Hani's films? They seem rather hard to
> find...
>  Any commentary on his semi documentaries, such as Bad Boys?
>  I just finished writing about it, I'm interested in hearing remarks.

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