More questions. "Dan Oniroku" ? Who or what????

Jasper Sharp at
Tue Nov 7 09:57:10 EST 2000

Hi everyone,
I'm just back from a magical two week sojourn in Tokyo / Kyoto / Kanazawa,
my first ever trip to Japan and boy, am I ever itching to get back there as
soon as possible. What a magical country!
Firstly I would like to thnk everyone who replied to my original query for
information on travelling to Japan about a month ago. All of the replies
were very useful.
Secondly, to all Japanese people on this list, I would like to say you are
the kindest, most helpful people I have ever met in a foreign country and it
made my whole stay a pleasure from start to finish.
And finally, a more cinematically relevent query relating to a couple of
films I saw during my stay. These were two films from a director called
Ryuichi HIROKI and both came out in Tokyo during my first weekend there. The
first, TOKYO GOMI ONNA (TOKYO GARBAGE GIRL) was a beautifully naturalistic
DV-shot feature which was announced as part of a Love Cinema series
comprised of 6 films all shot on video all centred around contemporary
Japanese girls. HIROKI shot two films for this series, and Miike TAKASHI's
name was mentioned in the Love Cinema blurb. Can anyone tell me anything
more about this Love Cinema group? Hopefully some of this work will make it
out of Japan at some point, but for now English language information is
rather sparse, which is a shame because TOKYO GARBAGE GIRL was a real gem.
HIROKI's second film of the year was as different a kettle of fish as you'd
imagine - FUTEI NO KISETSU, which came out with the tagline I AM AN SM
WRITER and starred Ren Osugi. Apparently this was based on an original story
by someone called Dan Oniroku, and a brief scour around the web brought up a
few kanji-written web pages which gave me little indication as to who or
what Dan Oniroku is. Does anyone know? Apparently he was quite a prominent
writer during the 70s, but more than this I cannot tell you.
Any information would be gratefully appreciated,
Jasper Sharp

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