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This is a fuller announcement of the recent issue of Screening the Past 
on Asian Cinema.  I'm sending it along because it also has a list of book 
reviews (some of which are Japan-related) and because it includes a note 
about financial support.  Since Screening the Past has shown a commitment 
to Asian and Japanese cinema (I am on the editorial board), I do 
recommend support for this non-profit scholarly journal.  (I, by the way, 
receive no money for my work for them.)

Aaron Gerow
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Issue 11 of Screening the past is now available for reading online. This
issue, edited by Ina Bertrand features a number of articles dealing with
early film / culture adaptations in Asia. As always we are interested in
responses to the articles in this issue and are hoping to generate debate
about the issues raised. And as always all past articles are available
throught the archive on the site.

This issue also marks an innovation for the journal: the implementation 
of a
"Friends of screening the past" scheme. It has always been our intention 
make our journal available to anyone with access to the World Wide Web, 
for this reason we do not charge subscriptions. However we still operate 
a material world in which we do have financial expenses which must be
defrayed. Our solution: a voluntary subscription. You can find out more by
clicking on the "Friends of Screening the past" buttons at various 
on the site. If you believe that the journal provides a good service and 
you are willing and able to make some contribution to the continuation of
the service please donate to "Friends of Screening the past".

Highlights of issue 11 are the following articles and reviews:


Dancing shadows of film exhibition: Taiwan and the Japanese influence, by
Jeanne Deslandes. 

Xiqu and Dianying: the interaction between traditional theatre and Chinese
cinema by Wenwei Du.

Comprehensive connections: the film industry, the theatre and the state in
the early Japanese cinema by Freda Freiberg .

One print in the age of mechanical reproduction: film industry and culture
in 1910s Japan by Aaron Gerow.

Yingxi (shadow play): the initial Chinese conception about film by Jubin 

Close encounters of the generic kind: a case study in Thai sci-fi by Adam

Hong Kong cinema in the 1930s: docility, social hygiene, pleasure-seeking 
the consolidation of the film industry by Linda Lai.

Animation in Asia: appropriation, reinterpretation, and adoption or
adaptation by John A. Lent.

National cinema and the beginning of film history in/of Bangladesh by 


Chris Berry reviews Jerome Silbergeld, China into film:frames of reference
in contemporary Chinese cinema.

Jodi Brooks reviews Jonathan Crary, Suspensions of perception: attention,
spectacle, and modern culture.

Gene Brown reviews Louis and Alan Gordon, American Chronicle: year by year
through the twentieth century.

Paul Coughlin reviews Christopher Frayling, Sergio Leone: something to do
with death. 

Colin Crisp reviews Naomi Greene, Landscapes of loss: the national past in
postwar French Cinema.

Leanne Downing reviews Gaye Poole, Reel meals, set meals: food in film and

Helen Grace reviews David MacDougall, Transcultural cinema.

Tim Groves reviews Katherine A. Fowkes, Giving up the ghost: spirits,
ghosts, and angels in mainstream comedy films.

Lisa Gye reviews Peter Lunenfeld, Snap to grid: a user's guide to digital
arts, media and culture.

Wendy Haslem reviews Mark A. Vieira, Sin in soft focus pre-code Hollywood.

Eleanor Hogan reviews Harriet Margolis (ed.), Jane Campion's The piano.

Jan-Christopher Horak reviews Klaus Kreimeier, The Ufa story. a history of
Germany's greatest film company, 1918-1945.

Adam Knee reviews Martin Rubin, Thrillers and Jonathan Munby, Public
enemies, public heroes: screening the gangster from Little Caesar to Touch
of evil 

Arthur Lindley reviews Donald Richie, The Films of Akira Kurosawa.

Harriet Margolis ・ンeviews Tania Modleski, Old wives' tales: feminist
re-visions of film and other fictions.

Harriet Margolis reviews Pam Cook and Mieke Bernink (eds.), The cinema 

Margaret Nixon reviews John Ellis, Seeing things: television in the age of

Jane Roscoe, reviews Barry Keith Grant and Jeannette Sloniowski (eds),
Documenting the documentary: close readings of documentary film and video.

Jeff Smith, reviews Philip Brophy (ed.), Cinesonic: cinema and the sound 

Brian Yecies reviews Cynthia Erb, Tracking King Kong: a Hollywood icon in
world culture. 


Our next issue will be a special "director issue" edited by Adrian Martin,
and will be on-line in March 2001.


Dr Peter Hughes
Co-editor, Screening the past

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