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There a series of articles on Stella Dallas in a recent issue of Cinema
Journal,either fall 1999 or spring 2000.This is on a different topic,but
could anyone on the list direct me to an online site that
also sells Japanese/Chinese/Asian DVDs and videos,of course not only fro
the japanses or Asian market. .The Japanese has only
books.Thanks.LM  At 08:40 00-11-09 -0500, you wrote:
>On the topic of Stella Dallas and Japan:
>Yoshiya Nobuko published a serialized prose version of Stella Dallas in the
>magazine Fujin Kurabu.  She gave it the title Haha no kyoku which was
>itself made into a Japanese film by that name.
>Chika Kinoshita graduate student at the University of Chicago has been
>working on this.
>Sarah Frederick
>Sarah Frederick, Asst. Professor of Japanese
>Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
>Boston University
>sfred at
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