Screening the Past 11

Aaron Gerow gerow
Mon Nov 6 00:47:07 EST 2000

The newest issue of the internet film studies journal, Screening the 
Past, has been uploaded on the net.  Issue eleven focuses on Asian cinema 
and features the following articles (including one by me):

Editorial by Ina Bertrand and Zakir Raju (Uploaded 1 November 2000) 
Dancing shadows of film exhibition: Taiwan and the Japanese influence, by 
Jeanne Deslandes. 

Xiqu and Dianying: the interaction between traditional theatre and 
Chinese cinema by Wenwei Du.

Comprehensive connections: the film industry, the theatre and the state 
in the early Japanese cinema by Freda Freiberg

One print in the age of mechanical reproduction: film industry and 
culture in 1910s Japan by Aaron Gerow.

Yingxi (shadow play): the initial Chinese conception about film by Jubin 

Close encounters of the generic kind: a case study in Thai sci-fi by Adam 

Hong Kong cinema in the 1930s: docility, social hygiene, pleasure-seeking 
& the consolidation of the film industry by Linda Lai

Animation in Asia: appropriation, reinterpretation, and adoption or 
adaptation by John A. Lent.

National cinema and the beginning of film history in/of Bangladesh by 
Zakir Raju.

The issue is available at the following URL:

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