More questions. "Dan Oniroku" ? Who or what????

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> Thank you both Pete and Roland,
> As swift and reliable as ever!
> Jasper
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> Jasper, its good to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Japan.
> To your questions:
> 1. LOVE CINEMA is a series of 6 films produced by CineRocket. All films
> shot on digital video and feature a story about a young girl. 3 films of
> series, Hiroki Ryuichi's 'Tokyo gomi onna', Mihara Mitsuhiro's 'Eri ni
> kubittake' and Yukisada Isao's 'Tojiru hi' are completed and have been
> released, the remaining 3, Shinohara Tetsuo's 'Harikomi', Shiota Akihiko's
> 'Gipusu' and a yet untitled film of Miike Takashi are to follow next year.
> There are plans to continue the series with 6 more films.
> 2. As Pete already mentioned, Dan Oniroku is probably the most famous
> of S/M and fetish novels in Japan.
> He was born 1931 in Shiga-prefecture as the son of an owner of a cinema.
> After the war and still in high-school he wanted to become an opera-singer
> but failed and turned to the theatre, writing scripts and appearing as
> actor. While attending university he worked with several theatre-groups as
> actor and singer. After graduation he went to Tokyo and began working for
> the movie magazine 'Star Story'. He quit very soon, however, because
> translating gossip about movie stars from American magazines didn't
> him. He again turned to writing and in 1956 published his first novel in
> magazine 'Kidan kurabu'. Besides writing S/M novels he worked as English
> teacher, briefly for Television and in 1969 set up the pink eiga
> company Oni Puro as well as a theatre group. In 1972 Oni Puro stopped its
> production and Dan began his cooperation with Nikkatsu. Nikkatsu produced
> dozen Roman Poruno based on his novels among them the Dan Oniroku-series
> with Tani Naomi. Dan himself directed a pink eiga in 1971 (Nikuchigoku)
> had guest appearances in some other films.
> In 1989 he announced to resign as a writer and bought the magazine 'Shogi
> Journal' (dedicated to the Japanese chess-play). The magazine, however,
> a financial failure and went bankrupt in 1994. Dan Oniroku resumed his
> career as a writer and published some best-selling books. Recently he also
> published a photo-book featuring Aizome Kyoko, the former star of Takechi
> Tetsuji's remakes of his own legendary 'Hakujitsumu'.
> Roland Domenig
> Institute for Japanese Studies
> University of Vienna
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I'm just back from a magical two week sojourn in Tokyo / Kyoto /
> > my first ever trip to Japan and boy, am I ever itching to get back there
> as
> > soon as possible. What a magical country!
> > Firstly I would like to thnk everyone who replied to my original query
> > information on travelling to Japan about a month ago. All of the replies
> > were very useful.
> > Secondly, to all Japanese people on this list, I would like to say you
> > the kindest, most helpful people I have ever met in a foreign country
> it
> > made my whole stay a pleasure from start to finish.
> > And finally, a more cinematically relevent query relating to a couple of
> > films I saw during my stay. These were two films from a director called
> > Ryuichi HIROKI and both came out in Tokyo during my first weekend there.
> The
> > first, TOKYO GOMI ONNA (TOKYO GARBAGE GIRL) was a beautifully
> > DV-shot feature which was announced as part of a Love Cinema series
> > comprised of 6 films all shot on video all centred around contemporary
> > Japanese girls. HIROKI shot two films for this series, and Miike
> > name was mentioned in the Love Cinema blurb. Can anyone tell me anything
> > more about this Love Cinema group? Hopefully some of this work will make
> it
> > out of Japan at some point, but for now English language information is
> > rather sparse, which is a shame because TOKYO GARBAGE GIRL was a real
> > HIROKI's second film of the year was as different a kettle of fish as
> you'd
> > imagine - FUTEI NO KISETSU, which came out with the tagline I AM AN SM
> > WRITER and starred Ren Osugi. Apparently this was based on an original
> story
> > by someone called Dan Oniroku, and a brief scour around the web brought
> a
> > few kanji-written web pages which gave me little indication as to who or
> > what Dan Oniroku is. Does anyone know? Apparently he was quite a
> > writer during the 70s, but more than this I cannot tell you.
> >
> > Any information would be gratefully appreciated,
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jasper Sharp
> >
> >
> >
> >

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